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Ulpan Milhauz is now online!

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Finally, we are ready to announce that we are launching a new list of the online courses from the Ulpan Milhauz. We tried to combine the best of our offline courses with the advantages of online technology. Our many years of experience in the field of education and a professional team of teachers have helped to build an effective Hebrew study program without leaving home. The combination of a convenient schedule, productive study methods and the curriculum of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem will be the key to obtaining quality knowledge of Hebrew language.

How does the online course work?

 Zoom platform

This is an easy-to-use and understandable online tool that allows the teacher to work with different methods - divide students into subgroups, show a virtual whiteboard, use their own screen to work with text, and give individual tasks. Each student is an active participant in the educational process, and at any stage can ask the teacher a question, get an explanation. All our teachers are familiar with working at Zoom and possess the necessary skills to solve possible technical difficulties. Also, before classes, all students receive a video describing the main features of the platform and a contact for communication on all issues.





You can now apply for levels Alef, Alef+, Alef++, Bet, Bet+, Gimel, Gimel+, Dalet

People in a group: 6-8 students

Morning course - 9:00 - 12.15

Afternoon course - 14:00 - 17.15

Evening course - 18.00 - 21.15

Duration: 20 meetings = 10 weeks (depends on the intensity) 

DISCOUNT 5% for graduates 



The cost:

80 acad. hours course = 2750 shekels (~35 shekels per acad. hour) 

DISCOUNT 5% for graduates 

program more

More details on our online program:


We are offering Alef, Alef+,Alef++, Bet, Bet +, Gimel, Gimel+ and Dalet groups with duration of 80 academic hours.


Studies take place in small groups of 6-8 people 2 times a week.


This course will help you to achieve a new higher level of using the Hebrew language. We often speak to students who have finished a Hebrew course still are dealing with a lack of confidence in Hebrew. It is difficult to start a new course knowing about gaps in grammar and practice of the language. Sounds familiar? Contact us and we will help you to identify weak points in your Hebrew knowledge, as well as offer you the best option for the course.  



You can sign up for the group:

Alef, ALef+, Alef++, Bet, Bet+, Gimel, Gimel+, or Dalet

2 times week

Morning course - 9:00 - 12.15

Afternoon course - 14:00 - 17.15

Evening course - 18.00 - 21.15

Contact us for more details!

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