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Ulpan Milhauz is situated in the very heart of Ramat Gan. We pride ourselves on our great location, expert teachers,  fast learning pace and fantastic students. Our Ulpan is lively and multicultural, it speaks many languages and has a deep connection to the real lives of our students and their needs.

Our students start speaking Hebrew from their very first class!

Our students are divided into different groups according to their levels of Hebrew. We are using the University of Jerusalem program for our standard groups and we have small group courses (from 4 to 8 people) for the Olim participating in the Voucher program.

Upon admission each of our students takes a language test to assess their level of Hebrew and find a suitable course for them.



We offer morning, afternoon and evening classes.​

  • groups according to your actual level

  • morning, afternoon and evening classes

  • professional teachers

  • private lessons

  • speaking Hebrew club

  • motivated group 

  • we receive vouchers from Ministry of Absorption

(12 - 25 students)
Alef (א) :

290 hours


Bet (ב) :

290 hours

Gimel (ג) :

150 hours 

(4-8 students)
Alef (א) :

260-320 hours


Bet (ב) :

260-320 hours


Gimel (ג) :

150 hours

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or apply to the Ulpan!



Education: Teacher's certificate for teaching Hebrew as a foreign language from the Hebrew
University (cum laude); MA in Law from the Bar-Ilan University (cum laude);

Hebrew Teacher Certificate from Achva College; BA in Behavioral Sciences from College of
Experience: teacher in Milhauz Ulpan, Summer Ulpan of the Hebrew University School for Foreign
Students, Ministry of Education
Interests: reading and writing


Favorite Hebrew word: סבתא

123 (2).jpg



Education: BA and MA in Hebrew and Semitic Languages from Bar-Ilan University. Teacher's
certificate for teaching Hebrew as a foreign language from M.Teach Levinsky College.
Experience: “I believe that it's never too late to learn a new language – I've had students from 6 to 92 years old! I love my job because what can be better than seeing your students progress?”
Interests: In my free time I like walking my dogs, drinking wine and reading interesting things.


Favorite Hebrew word: מדבר
“My favorite word is also one of the first words I learned – “speak”. Why, you ask? For several
reasons: it sounds good to my ear, it is significant to my profession, and if we were to decide to look
into it's etymology, we would find... Well, I won't tell you more! Read about it yourselves!




Education: PhD in Linguistics from Samara University in Russia.
Experience: A language teacher with twenty years of work experience. Personal interests: My love
for Israel and my passion for traveling, I am also a tourist guide in Israel.


Favorite Hebrew word: אהבה (Ahava) which means “love”and describes my work and my life. I am
proud to share my love for Hebrew language and Israel with my many students. Probably it is the
key to their progress while studying the language.




Education: BA in Theater Arts from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently studying for a
Master's degree in language teaching at Tel Aviv University.
Experience: over 10 years of teaching Hebrew as a foreign language
Interests: puppet theater

Favorite Hebrew word: קצפת



Education: BA in Art History and Italian Culture. Teacher's certificate for teaching Hebrew as a
foreign language.
Experience: “I started teaching Hebrew after learning Spanish and Italian, having realized what it
means to learn a new language. Now I have the privilege of being on the other side and
teaching others my favorite language – Hebrew. I believe in thorough and professional training, and
also that fun and creativity are of great help when learning a language.”


Favorite Hebrew word: פשוט




Education: BA in Literature and Jewish Philosophy and MA in Literature from Tel Aviv University.
Teache's certificate for teaching Hebrew as a foreign language from the Hebrew University in

Experience: Mor has worked in various Ulpans and programs including Ulpan Neve Tzedek, Ulpan
Gordon, Hebrew University and others. She speaks English and uses some sign language in the

Interests: Mor lives in Florentine, her free time is devoted to writing poetry and admiring street life.
She finds ways to integrate her interests into her teaching process and Mor's classes often include topics related to contemporary Israeli culture and its roots.




Oleg is the CEO of Milhauz Educational Center and Ulpan supervisor. He is the person who recruits
teachers and oversees the quality of education provided.

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